Bevco Just Got Brighter!

Bevco Just Got Brighter!


Bevco recently upgraded the lighting system from Incandescent light bulb to LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs in the entire plant.


Bevco Lighting System

Bevco Lighting System Replaced with LED



As you can see in the photo above, the LED lights increased the visibility in the office and shop significantly. It is easier for our employees’ eyes and gives them better visibility to optimize their performance at work. Also, brighter lights improve safety levels in the shop and improve work conditions.



Bevco Old Lighting System

Bevco Lighting System Replaced with LED



The new LED lights will consume up to 90% less power compared to the old incandescent lights. They will also last longer, up to 60,000 hours vs. 1,500 hours. Less electricity consumption in the plant will reduce our utility costs as well.



Bevco Old Lighting System in the Shop

Bevco New LED Lighting System Installed in the shop



By adopting an earth-friendly technology that is made of non-toxic materials, we are reducing our carbon footprint. We did not forget to recycle all the components of the old lighting system to be environmentally responsible. We made sure to take apart the old lighting system and recycle all the different components appropriately. We wanted to ensure this transition is an environmentally responsible one.



Bevco LED Lighting System in the Front Desk


As Bevco grows, we strive to make continuous improvements to the facility to provide a more enjoyable workplace for our employees. We upgraded our IT system in 2019 and did major renovations to our lunchroom and design room back in 2018.


We hope this news BRIGHTENS UP your day!


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