Movember to Remember with Stange Fellows Brewing

Movember to Remember with Stange Fellows Brewing


During November, Bevco participated in the Movember challenge organized by Strange Fellows Brewing. Movember is an annual campaign which started in 2004. Participants grow their moustaches and beards to raise awareness of men’s health during the month of November. The campaign focuses on encouraging men to adopt healthier lifestyles and early prevention of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and suicide. Click here to learn more about the movement.


Bevco Movember Challenge with Strange Fellows Brewing


At Bevco, we pledged to make a per-person donation for everyone who participated in this challenge. We were overwhelmed with our team's participation, receiving 28 entries! We are happy to be able to contribute to Strange Fellows Brewing’s donation goal. The donation funds medical research, groundbreaking tests and trials, life-changing men’s health programs and innovative treatments.


The votes took place in Strange Fellows social media accounts during November 23rd - 29th. The Bevco team participated in three different categories: Movember Challenge, Marvelous Moustache Challenge, and Best Beeard Challenge. Click the blue facebook logo or "See More" to check out our fancy mustache and beard candidates below!


Movember Challenge

Marvelous Moustache 

Best Beeard 


We are proud of our team for their contribution in this meaningful campaign. Some claimed their faces were getting itchy but everyone managed to keep their moustache and beard throughout the month!




Shout out to Strange Fellows Brewing team for putting everything together and congratulations on their 6th year anniversary!  It was a pleasure to get to know them better this summer. Bevco had a great time working on their canning line integration project. We can’t wait to work with them again in the near future, and to taste their new beers!


Bevco Brian

Bevco made a donation for this campaign in memory of dear friend and Bevco team member, Brian Poole, who passed away this year from cancer.

Brian and his family have been good friends with Bevco’s owner, the Fortier family for many years. He enjoyed working at Bevco in his later years of employment and contributed to Bevco’s growth through sharing his positive energy and expertise. He was a much loved and well-respected family guy and Bevco team member.


We miss him already.

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