New Asphalt Parking Lot for Bevco Employees

New Asphalt Parking Lot for Bevco Employees

Bevco has continuously improved its workforce over the last few years to ensure that we stay on top of things. With ever-increasing numbers of employees but limited parking space, we started to experience traffic jam right in our own parking lot. Double parking often caused inconvenience during lunch and clock-out time. To resolve this issue, we have expanded the parking area and installed an automatic gate back in Spring.

Bevco Parking Lot Pavement2

Just last week, we have paved asphalt to the expanded area of the parking lot to improve employees’ parking experience even more.

Bevco Parking Lot Pavement3

Here are the benefits of having the parking lot paved with the asphalt:

-Asphalt is durable and resilient - Asphalt pavement has a long life cycle up to 20-40 years with minimal maintenance. It is durable to any weather conditions: ice, snow, rain, and heat. The material is flexible enough to withstand overloads without major damage.

-Asphalt pavement’s uniform surface provides vehicle tires smoother contact with the road. It provides more safety to tires compared to an uneven surface, so it allows more pleasant parking experience to drivers.  Also, the parking lot is a lot quieter compared to the previous rocky ground. 

-Asphalt is a green technology as it is recyclable. Old Asphalt can be grinded up to be reused/renewed. It consumes less energy to produce Asphalt pavement compared to other types of pavement materials.  Bevco adopts eco-friendly technology to be environmentally responsible.


Bevco Parking Lot Pavement4

It is always a pleasure to provide a better working environment for Bevco employees! 


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