New Trumpf Trulaser 1030

New Trumpf Trulaser 1030

Bevco is excited to announce the arrival of its new Trumpf 1030 Fiber Laser!  Over the past few months we have been making preparations including re-arranging the sheet metal shop, upgrading utilities, and sending staff to the Trumpf Training Center for operator and programmer training. Today, May 11, 2017 the Laser arrived!

The 3000 kW Fiber Laser will be used to cut stainless steel sheet metal parts up to 0.625” thick. This machine will be phasing out our current CNC Punch which has been used to make parts for Bevco machinery since 1994. It will also eliminate a step in the production process; shearing part blanks, which will save time and labor.

Trumpf Punch

  Trumpf CNC Punch

More efficient nesting of sheet metal parts will result in less wasted material and Bevco will also now be able to design and produce more intricate parts.

In 1994 Bevco purchased a CNC Punch which revolutionized the company’s production methods over night. The implementation of the new laser will do the same in 2017, carrying Bevco into the future and keeping the company competitive in the packaging industry.

Trumpf Laser in Place

Trumpf Trulaser 1030

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