The Bevco Depalletizer is designed to automatically unload layers of containers (bottles, cans, and jars) one tier at a time from a pallet, and sweep them off on to the depalletizer’s transport/ accumulation table.

The Depalletizer automatically removes tier sheets and picture frames from the top and between tiers and ejects empty pallets. The empty pallets can be stacked automatically. The average cycle rate is 3.5 layers per minute including pallet changes.



The Bevco Depalletizer is capable of handling full height (8 ft) or half height (4 ft) pallets:

  • 2 pallet positions, allowing operators to switch pallets
  • Automatic tier sheet, picture frame, and empty pallet removal
  • Touchscreen Controls
  • Custom design and manufactured to your specification.

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Platform/Stairs 4 ft. wide platform
Handrails and kickplates
Staircase (can be mounted on the left or right)
Full Pallet Conveyor 2 staging sections
3 strands of RC80 chain conveyors
Fixed elevation of 18”
Overall length is 14 ft.
Empty Pallet Conveyor 1 section, directly beneath the accumulation table
2 strands of RC80 chain conveyors
Fixed elevation of 18”
Overall length is 12’-8”
Accumulation Table 5’ W x 15’ L x 12’-6” H
Mattop transport belt
Finger transfer plates
Pallet Elevator Structural tube construction
Squeeze sides and steel doors
1 section of full pallet conveyor within elevator
Electric 2 speed brake motor on VFD
Heavy duty self-locking pallet stop
Custom size to suit pallet size
Overhead Pusher Assembly Rear pusher assembly
Front pneumatic release clamp for unloading

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