Bevco builds custom solutions

Since 1980, Bevco has been manufacturing conveyors and equipment for the Food and Beverage industry. From our modest beginnings of a small 5-persons shop, we worked hard to fulfill our customers’ needs. Today, more than 500 industry leaders, many of them fortune 500 companies, trust Bevco to manufacture conveyors and equipment for their production lines. Our mission has never changed. It’s always about you – we’ll always create the kind of conveyors and equipment that help you reach your business goals.

We always build custom products for our clients and we love to help you solve problems and challenges.

Check out our latest design, the Wine Cup Stacker. Our stackers are used by the Canning and Wine Industry. It’s capable of stacking 2-6 pieces of products, and is optimal for tapered-bottomed products.

A Customer-Focused Culture

Since the beginning, we’ve focused on providing the best customer service possible. Whether we are designing conveyors or equipment, we take great care to ensure that our products and services will serve you well. We are determined to be the best at meeting your needs for quality products, affordable prices, and exceptional services.

While we are proud of our accomplishments, we will constantly challenge ourselves to improve and enhance our understanding of your needs and our craftsmanship through continuous learning.

Quality Products

Affordable Prices

Exceptional Services

About Bevco’s CEO
Brian Fortier

Bevco was founded in 1980 by Gus Fortier, Brian’s father.

Brian has been building conveyors for over 40 years. He was trained at a very young age, 18 years old, by Gus on how to fabricate machineries and manage factory productions. Brian believes that everything starts with people first, as he always says, “take care of your customers and employees and they will take care of you.”

Brian’s commitment in serving people has generated lots of word of mouth for Bevco and Bevco has thrived on its reputation. The world may be changing around us, but one thing will always remain constant, from generation to generation here at Bevco – It will always be about you, our customers.

We care about Vancouver

We love our hometown and want to make sure we are a part of the community and always contributing, whether it’s by helping local breweries’ great ideas come to life or giving nonprofit organizations the support needed to succeed.

We have always believed in having a positive impact on the communities we serve. We believe in:

Doing Business Responsibly

We are a proud member of the Surrey Board of Trade.

Green Business Practices

We have been awarded by Westcoast Plastic Recycling for our commitments.

Investing in Education

We are the proud sponsor of UBC’s Co-Op Program.

Improving the Quality of Life

We actively sponsor and participate in Ride to Conquer Cancer, Movember, and Vancouver SCCP.

We also believe in establishing local partnerships and sourcing locally to help our community thrive.

Don’t take our word for it

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to have more than 500 companies of all sizes who trust and use our products and services; and our conveyors and equipment have been running for 30+ years in various plants across the world – a testament of our quality.

Companies who have used our products and services:

Our clients love giving consumers a cup/meal of joy, and we love helping them “convey” it!