Gosling Filler Hand Pack-off Table

The Gosling Filler Hand Pack-Off Table is designed to be installed at the outfeed of a Wild Goose Gosling filler to help workers transferring cans from the filler outfeed into secondary packaging ergonomically with ease.


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Minimal Floor Space Requirements
  • Flexible Positioning of Side Pack Table
  • Removable Side Guides
  • Stainless steel fabrication
  • Drainage holes in table surface


    A common manual task for producers of craft beer, kombucha, cider, soda, wine and other beverages, is packaging filled cans or bottles into trays, cartons, and other package types. Teams utilizing a low speed filler such as the Wild Goose Gosling (12 cans per minute) often rely on manual hand packing of containers into packages at the end of the packaging line. The repetitive motions associated with this task can result in stress on workers' hands, forearms, and backs. The Ergonomic design of Bevco's Pack-Off table helps eliminate some of these stresses on the body & provides a place for containers to accumulate on the outfeed of the filler.

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    • Table size: 2’-0” x 1’-7” at 43.5” height
    • Lower pack table size: 1’-7” x 1’-0” at 36” height


    • Size is fully customizable
    • Elevation is customizable
    • Optional swivel-locking casters or Adjustable Footpads
    • Additional lower pack tables on other sides of table


    Info Sheet for Gosling Hand Pack-Off Table

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