Bi-directional Accumulation Tables

Bevco’s Bi-Directional Accumulation table (Bi-Di-Table) is a dynamic accumulation table with a mechanical arm that moves along with the conveyor chain to create accumulation space or push containers back onto the production line.

Containers will accumulate or back up on a conveyor system when a downstream machine slows down or stops. The Bi-Di table creates a large storage area for these containers to accumulate which allows upstream production to keep running. Once the downstream conveyor begins to flow again, the containers are introduced back onto the production line.

Dynamic Transfer (DTS) chain is used at the interface between the Bi-Di Table and conveyor system for a smooth transition to eliminate container tipping and to eliminate the need for a dead plate.

The Bi-Di table is controlled by a series of Rail Switch Sensors which are mounted onto the conveyor’s guide rails. The switches tell the control system when cans are backing up and need to start flowing onto the Bi-Di Table. When the conveyor becomes less full, the switches tell the control system that the Bi-Di table can start unloading containers back onto the production line. A Bevco Supplied control panel is optional for the Bi-Di table or the machine can be integrated into an existing control system.

The Bevco Bi-Di Table dimensions are customized for each customer based on accumulation time required and space available.

    • 11 Ga. Stainless Steel construction, #4 exterior finish
    • ¼” UHMW wear strip
    • Movex1 Wideflat Guiderails
    • Eurodrive shaft mount gear motor
    • Square drive & idler shafting
    • Idler shaft on take-up bearings
    • Split plastic sprockets
    • Rexnord or Intralox mattop belting
    • 1 ½” PVC or 3” PVC roller return
    • Stainless Steel control panel
    • Allen Bradley Inverter and PLC


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Please contact us for more information on this product 

Info Sheet for Bi-Directional Accumulation Table

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