Blow-Off (Air Knife) Tunnel


Blow Off (Air Knife) Tunnel is typically used on packaging lines to blow water droplets off the exterior surfaces of cans, bottles, and other container types.  They are commonly positioned at some point between the Filler and Cartoner or Case Packing machines, depending on the layout and other equipment on the line.  The main reasons moisture is removed from container surfaces are to improve the performance of labeling and coding and to reduce the negative impact moisture can have on carton/case materials.


The Bevco Blow Off Tunnel is a stand-alone enclosure situated around a separate single-file conveyor that runs through the Blow-Off Tunnel.  The Blow Off Tunnel is able to remove moisture from containers using three stainless steel air knives.  The first air knife is positioned above the container and blows vertically downward to remove moisture from the top of the container and to begin to force moisture down the sides of the container.  The additional two air knives are positioned on each side of the conveyor after the first air knife, and they blow air horizontally to remove moisture from the sides of the container.  The air knives are connected to 2" flexible hoses and the blower is mounted on top of the tunnel.




The Bevco Blow Off Tunnel is commonly used in combination with the Bevco Rinse Tunnel.

The Rinse Tunnel and Blow-Off Tunnel are used to rinse the outside of bottles or cans and then blow off the excess water. This machinery can be used for various sized cans or bottles and is installed over top of a single track conveyor. The Rinse Tunnel easily integrates into the existing plant as it only requires a hose with city pressure for the water input – no pumps or reservoirs. Turning on or off the Rinse Tunnel is a simple 90-degree turn of a valve. The Blow-Off Tunnel comes with a blower/fan and a disconnect switch or inverter to easily incorporate the unit into an existing or new production line.

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Floor Space

3 ft tunnel length x 2 ft wide - compact design for small space constraints


Stainless Steel (SS) Construction, 304 Grade, #4 Finish


2 – 1.5”x1.5” Square SS Legs on Foot Pads w/ 2”+/- Height Adjustment


Built to Customer Requirements

Blower Placement

8.4 HP regenerative blower from Republic Manufacturing w/ Disconnect & Flexible 2” Hose to Air Knives

Mounted on the top of the tunnel frame to save space

Air Knives

3 – SS Knives (1 Above & 2 Along Sides)

16” side air knives and 2” top air knife (size may vary depending on size & speed of containers)

Adjustable Vertically and Horizontally without Tools

Shop tested air knife assembly prior to shipment


Local Variable-Frequency Drive

Sound Control

Enclosed Tunnel and Optional Muffler Assembly for Blower

Lexan windows on each side for viewing inside of the tunnels


Completely Removable Side Panels for Maintenance and Change-Over Adjustment

Change Parts

None Required – Quick Easy Hand Adjustable – No Tools Required


Fully enclosed with SS Underside Drain Pan Underneath


Single-File Supplied Separately to Customer Requirements

Info Sheet for Blow-Off Tunnel

Please call 1-800-663-0090 or 604-888-1455 to inquire about available manuals and documents.

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