Combiner/ Singlefiler/ Merger

Combiners/Singlefilers/Mergers reduce the product from bulk into a single file lane.

Bevco produces two types of Combiners/Singlefilers/Mergers:


  • wedge pressured combiner
  • zero pressure (pressureless) combiner.



The Wedge Pressured Combiner is a simple and trouble-free solution for single-filing stable, round containers. The Zero Pressure Combiner is designed to single-file unstable and non-round, odd-shaped containers or any container where delicate handling is required. Bevco combiners/singlefilers/mergers are/have:

  • Built to match the speed of downstream equipment
  • Compatible Data Highway to interface with other equipment

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Material Stainless steel, 11 gauge thickness, 304 grade, #4 finish
Side Frame 6” deep for optimal stability
Safety Design Stainless steel fully enclosed chain guards, catenary guards
Maintenance-friendly Design Drop-out shafts
Legs Stainless steel 2” square tube; articulated footpads
Down Bottle Container Stainless steel down bottle tray
Upgrade ($): down bottle basket or chute
Chain Rexnord mattop chain
Chain Returns Roller OR Serpentine
Wearstrip ¼” UHMW wearstreip
Guiderail Anti-static, sanitary guiderail
Upgrade ($): powered LBP rails, oscillating rails, roller rails
Drive Eurodrive fixed speed shaft mount drives
Slave drives with R60 drive chains
Upgrade ($): other gearboxes, motors
Sprocket Split plastic sprockets
Control Package CSA/UL approved stainless steel control panel
Allen Bradley PLC controls and photoeyes
VFD controls on gearmotors
Touch Screen – Allen-Bradley PanelViewTM HMI C600
Upgrade ($): other control package

  • Down bottle kick-out rails
  • Service: integrating controls into existing line control system

No electronic manuals/downloads are available for this product yet, please call 1-800-663-0090 or 604-888-1455 to inquire about available manuals and documents.

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