Depalletizer Accumulation Conveyor

The Depalletizer Accumulation Conveyor transfers empty containers in bulk from the depalletizer onto the production line. The depalletizer sweeps containers across a dead plate onto the moving mat top chain of the Depalletizer Accumulation Conveyor. The containers travel along with the depalletizer unloading table and transfer across a stainless steel dead plate or plastic finger dead plate onto the conveyor line.

This piece of equipment can be built to any required length and width. Most commonly, a 48” or 60” Wide chain is used. Control mechanisms such as photo eye sensors and Switch gates can be included to integrate automated controls into the system. Raised rib chain is used for applications requiring a plastic finger dead plate.

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Square Drive and Idler Shafts
  • SEW Eurodrive Shaft Mounted Gearmotor
  • Valu Guide Rails, Modified Profile
  • ¼” UHMW Wear Strips
  • Split Plastic Sprockets
  • Rexnord or Intralox Mattop Conveyor Chain
  • Roller Return Construction



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Please contact us for more information on this product 

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Info Sheet for Depalletizer Accumulation Conveyor

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