Evaporative Cooling/Warming Tunnel

Bevco's Industrial Evaporative Cooling Tunnels are designed to cool hot-filled products in the juice and food processing industries to preserve product quality and package labeling ability. Our Cooling Tunnels (also known as Coolers) use evaporative cooling – the cooling of recirculating water is assisted by circulating a large volume of external airs, taken in and out by the blowers.

Bevco's Warming Tunnels (also known as Warmers) are designed to warm cold-filled products up to a temperature warm enough to prevent condensation on the outside of the package and preserve package labeling ability.


The primary cooling/warming source used is water, which is recirculated within each zone.  No new water is added to the system unless the temperature of the water reservoir differs from the preset temperature threshold.  The outfeed zone is the control zone of the machine; new water is added to this zone as required.

The Warming/Cooling Tunnel can be divided into various zones operating at different temperatures.  For example, a Cooling Tunnel can be designed to cool only, or it can be configured to hold products at a high temperature first for pasteurization before cooling.   In addition, glass bottles can pass through a series of gradual cooling zones to avoid thermal shock.  Each section has hinged stainless steel doors through which machine operation can be observed and product removed.

  • Modular design allows for flexibility in adding or removing sections and ease of shipping and installation
  • Fully automatic water level and temperature controls
  • Custom design to meet your requirements

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Material Stainless steel, 11 Ga thickness, 304 grade, #4 finish
Safety Designs Local motor disconnects and lockouts
Automatic shutdown on backup
Elevation Minimum 44”
Pump box Pull-out dual screens on each pump box
Float switches to detect water level and avoid potential pump damage
High capacity pump and spray headers
Plumbing Stainless steel plumbing, sturdier than PVC
Bolts and parts North American standards, not metric
Controls VFD controls belt speed
Allen-Bradley PLC Micrologix 1100
UL and CSA approved electrical controls
Stainless steel control panel
Touchscreen – Allen-Bradley PanelViewTM HMI C600
Shafts Stainless steel shafts, eliminating rust problems
Minimum 2 ½” square drive shafts
Chain Mattop chains
Drive/Motor Eurodrive
Temperature Control Complete heat exchange package


  • Deadplate infeed/outfeed conveyors
  • Upgrade ($): Dynamic transfer conveyors
  • Auxiliary cooling tower to reduce water usage

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