Rotary Accumulation Table

The beginning of a production line (infeed) application facilitates the introduction of empty containers. Workers load containers onto the table and the table transfers the containers onto the production line in a single file.

The end of the production line (outfeed) application facilitates the removal of full containers. Containers accumulate on the table and workers unload the containers from the accumulation table into secondary packaging (boxes, pallets, cases, etc).

An additional benefit of the Bevco Rotary Accumulation Table is that it provides temporary storage spaces for products. When normal production flow is interrupted due to temporary product blockage, machine malfunctioning, or adjustment, the Rotary Accumulation Table allows operators time to attend to correct problems without the need to fully shut down the line to maintain productivity.

    • Stainless steel construction
    • Control the speed of the table to meet your needs with local VFD
    • Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation
    • Guide rails are customized to meet your applications
    • Table elevation adjustable (+ or - 3”)
    • Upgrade available for adjustable locking casters to increase the table mobility


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Info Sheet for Rotary Accumulation Table

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