Case Handling Conveyors

Bevco Case Conveyors transport empty or full cases/boxes of product along the production line with maximum efficiency and reliability. Our Case Conveyors are built with the mat top chain style which is customized based on the application. We can employ solid top, perforated top, low back pressure, friction top, etc. chains at various widths to suit your specific needs.

Bevco also produces different types of case handling machineries:

  • Bevco Laner indexes cases and distributes them into various lanes
  • Bevco Bump Turner will turn a case to change its orientation while traveling along the conveyor system. It is often used after cans are packaged into 6 or 8 packs in a Hi-cone or Paktec applicator or Cartoner. Rotating the cases is necessary for feeding the cans in the correct orientation into a secondary packaging machine such as a tray former/tray packer
  • Bevco Case Turner uses two chains moving at different speeds to rotate a package by the required number of degrees. The speeds of the chains can be adjusted to rotate the package by any amount (ex 90°, 180°, 270°, 720°)
  • Bevco Case Pusher will push a case off the side of the conveyor perpendicular to the flow direction


Our standard modular conveyors include many features and benefits that are only available as options by our competitors:

  • Closed-top or open-top configuration
  • Quality chains from industry leaders, Rexnord and Intralox
  • Food grade stainless steel, 11 gauge thickness, 304 grade, #4 finish
  • Safety features – catenary guards, hinged sprocket covers, wash-out covers, pre-wired disconnect, etc.
  • Maintenance-friendly features – split plastic sprockets, internal bearing grease lines, shaft drop-out design, etc.

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Configuration Open-top OR Closed Top
Upgrade ($): Sanitary Closed Top
Material Stainless steel, thickness 11 gauge, grade 304, finish #4
Side Frame Minimum 6” deep angle frame for optimal stability
Legs 1 ½” x 1 ½” x 0.065” stainless steel square tube with adjustable screwpad base
Upgrade ($): 2” x 2” x .120” stainless steel square tube with adjustable screwpad base
Maintenance-friendly design Frames are slotted to facilitate fast removal of sprockets, bearings, etc.
Safety design Hinged top covers at drive and idler ends, catenary guards at drive ends

Chain Returns Roller, for smooth operation at low speeds; OR Serpentine, for high speed and low friction applications
Chain Width Mattop: various with 3” increments from 3” – 120”
Chain Guards 2 pc stainless steel chain guards
Curves Tab and flex curves
Transfer Parallel transfer
Upgrade ($): in-line transfer, or dynamic chain transfer
Drive SEW Eurodrive
Upgrade ($): other drives to match your preference
Drive Base Shaft mounted drives with stainless steel torque arm mounting brackets OR Stainless steel motor base with leveling screws and oil drip pan, overhead or underslung mounting
Drive & Idler Sprockets Rexnord split thermoplastic sprockets (easy changeout)
Drive Shafts Stainless steel, mounted on bearings
Bearing Cast steel painted
Upgrade ($): polyamide bearing
Wearstrip UHMW wearstrip fastened to frame bed; cross-grain UHMW in curves
Guide Rails Sanitary guiderails with stainless steel stud clips to bolt to brackets
Upgrades ($): roller rails, bead rails, powered-roller rails, etc.
Guide Rail Brackets Bevco 2-piece polyamide adjustable brackets
Upgrades ($): Valu-guide VG221; or Value-guide 2-piece stainless steel adjustable

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