Pack-off Accumulation Table

Bevco's Pack-off Accumulation Table provides accumulation at the end of a packaging line to help workers transfer containers from the conveyor line into secondary packaging such as cartons, paktechs or trays.Conveyor chains traveling in opposite flow directions allow the containers to recirculate, providing a place for filled containers to accumulate prior to pack-off.The upper guide rail on the pack-off side of the recirculating conveyor is removed which allows an easy and ergonomic transfer of containers from the recirculating conveyor into cases or trays on the Pack-Off Table. 


The table is constructed from high-quality stainless steel, which makes it durable, easy to clean, and resistant to corrosion. It can be customized to meet the specific needs of each project, with options for different sizes, heights, speeds, and other customizable features.

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  • Suitable for many different container types and sizes
  • Doesn’t rely on additional conveyors to pull conveyor chain in or out
  • Narrow stainless steel dead plate on infeed
  • 11 GA stainless steel, #4 finish
  • HP8505 or HP1505 conveyor chain standard with custom options available
  • Local VFD control or disconnects with control by remote PLC
  • Bevco 2-Piece easy adjust plastic brackets w/ knobs
  • SEW Eurodrive Gearmotors
  • Link-Belt Kleangard Polyamide Bearings


  • Size is fully customizable depending on desired accumulation time or number of containers, line speed, space constraints, etc.
  • Elevation is customizable and adjustable (+or-2”)
  • Available in left hand or right hand configurations
  • Available in many different voltages from 115V single phase to 600 V 3 phase
  • Available with swivel-locking casters for mobility or adjustable plastic foot pads (standard)


Info Sheet for Pack-Off Accumulation Table

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