Washdown "Dog House" and Air Blowoff Tunnel

Bevco's Washdown Dog House is designed to rinse any residual liquid off the outside of a can or bottle after filling and capping. The fully enclosed unit is mounted onto a single track conveyor. As sealed bottles or cans flow through the unit, a series of nozzles rinses the top and sides of the can/bottle. No extra pump is needed for this unit as regular waterline pressure is sufficient to run the unit. The excess washdown water is caught in a drain pan which comes with a connection to hook up plumbing for drainage.

The Blowoff Tunnel is a separate unit, implemented after the Washdown Dog House which uses a series of air knifes to blow excess water off the outside of cans/bottles. A dry bottle or can surface is ideal for the label application. The air Blowoff Tunnel uses a blower fan to supply the air pressure. Bevco will supply a disconnect switch or inverter to connect the unit to the existing electrical control system.

The Air Dryer comes standard with removable covers for easy maintenance or cleaning access. Bevco can also supply blower controls to integrate the components into your current or new production line.



The Washdown Dog House and Blowoff Tunnel are used to rinse the outside of bottles or cans and then blow off the excess water. This machinery can be used for various sized cans or bottles and is installed over top of single track conveyor. The Washdown Dog House easily integrates into the existing plant as it only requires a hose with city pressure for the water input – no pumps or reservoirs. Turning on or off the Washdown Dog House is a simple 90 degree turn of a valve. The blowoff tunnel comes with a blower/fan and a disconnect switch or inverter to easily incorporate the unit into an existing or new production line.

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Material Stainless steel, 11 guage thickness, 304 grade, #4 finish
Maintenance Friendly Design Removable side panels for easy access
Elevation Built to customers requirements with adjustable foot pads
Plumbing Steel pipe and fittings, sturdier than PVC
Bolts and Parts North American Standards, not Metric
Controls Washdown Dog House: Ball valve for on/off
Blowoff Tunnel Disconnect Switch with Lock-out or Integration to PLC controls

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