Reduce Moisture to Improve Labelling

Kevin Fortier
Reduce Moisture to Improve Labelling

There are two products on the shelf at a store. The first has a perfectly placed and pristine label. The product next to it has a slightly crooked label and a moisture droplet has caused the colors to bleed. It is fair to assume a consumer will choose the product with the perfect label over the one with the ruined label.

During filling and packaging, beads of moisture can build up on the outer surface of the container. This can be caused by overflow during filling or condensation from a cold product in a warmer atmosphere. The beads of moisture can lead to problems labeling the product.

Excessive moisture on the surface of a container can prevent the label glues from sticking, cause crooked labeling, and prevent sleeves from cleanly dropping onto the containers. Moisture can also cause a label to tear or water marks or inks bleeding on the label.

The Bevco Blow-off Tunnel reduces the moisture from container exteriors to virtually eliminate the problem. The tunnel uses a series of air knives powered by a high volume blower fan to blast excess water droplets off the outside of a container. The air knives can be adjusted easily by hand to accommodate varying package sizes running through the same conveyor.

Bevco Blow-off Tunnel

The Blow-off Tunnel comes standard with removable covers for easy maintenance, cleaning, containment of water and sound reduction. Bevco can also supply blower controls to integrate the components into your current or new production line.


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