Bevco Container and Product Stackers

Bevco Container and Product Stackers

Bevco’s Container Stacker or Product Stacker provides a packaging solution for customers who want to stack 2 to 4 products on top of each other. The Stacker is used primarily for the canned fish/food industry and stacked beverage container industry. Our Stackers are ideal for containers with nested or tapered bottom configurations which fit into each other nicely. Bevco’s designers are happy to create a stacking solution for your specific product.


The Stacker can handle single file or bulk products at the inflow end. It separates the product into 2 to 4 lanes, depending on how many products are being stacked. The lane determines which layer of the stack the container goes into and guides the container to the star wheel which determines the rate of the stacking process. Photo eye sensors work in conjunction with an air clutch to index the containers, ensuring the timing of the products flowing through the star wheel is correct. While the stack of products flows through the star wheel, there is an optional pneumatic press which applies pressure to the top of the stack, allowing the containers to “click” together. Canned fish containers do not require this pneumatic press, allowing for faster lines speeds. The stacks of containers flow out of the Stacker in single file and usually Bevco Stackers are implemented prior to case packers.

Our stackers are built with safety covers to protect workers from moving parts. Bevco also provides the controls and sensors for the stacker to integrate into your new or existing production line.

Bevco Stacker

The image above shows a 4 container stacker which utilizes 4 lanes and 2 star wheels to stack the products. The first container flows through lane 1 into the star wheel. A photo eye detects this and allows lane two to drop the second container onto the first. If the optional pneumatic press is ordered, it applies pressure to the top of the stack at this point, clicking the containers together. The star wheel spins, releasing the 2 container stack onto the conveyor which transports the stack to the next star wheel. The next photo eye detects the presence of the  2 container stack at the star wheel. Container 3 is dropped onto the stack and then container 4 is dropped onto the stack. If required, a second pneumatic press applies pressure to the top of the stack. The star wheel then releases the stack onto the outflow conveyor and the 4 container stack is sent to the next step of the production line.

Please comment below or contact Bevco if you have any questions about our Container Stackers!

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